VIDEO: Man Catches Nanny Mercilessly Beating His Child, Gets Brutal Revenge

It requires an enormous amount of trust to leave your child in the care of someone else, and many people are not deserving of that trust. An extremely disturbing video shows what a babysitter was caught on hidden camera doing to a child, and it isn’t for the faint of heart. The incident ultimately prompted the child’s father to exact brutal revenge on the nanny.

Parents sometimes wonder what would happen if they ever were to catch someone intentionally harming their child, as our protective instincts have been known to take over and cancel out all reason and logic in such situations. When a man caught his child’s nanny doing the unthinkable to the toddler, he exacted brutal revenge on the woman, showing others what might happen if any of us were in the same situation.

The nanny, who has since been identified as 22-year-old Jolly Tumuhiirwe by Sahara Reporters, viciously assaulted 2-year-old Aneela because she was frustrated with having to deal with a sick child. Fortunately, the child’s father, Erick Kamanzi, had a hidden camera set up in his home, which caught the horrifying abuse on tape. If not for the surveillance device, Tumuhiirwe might have continued abusing the poor little girl for much longer without anyone ever knowing.

Erick Kamanzi originally installed the camera because Jolly Tumuhiirwe was a new nanny for the family, and they did not have a level of trust for her which would warrant leaving their precious baby alone with the woman without any sort of surveillance. Ultimately, this camera captured every parent’s worst nightmare.

Three months after originally hiring Tumuhiirwe, Kamanzi noticed bruises on little Aneela’s body when he returned home. Upon reviewing the surveillance footage from inside of the home, the father made a horrific discovery which sent him reeling. Tumuhiirwe had beaten Aneela senseless because she wasn’t feeling well and had thrown up on the floor.

When police learned of Kamanzi’s assault on the nanny, they raided his home, and he confessed to beating her. However, after they watched the video of what the nanny had done to the man’s daughter, they dropped the charges and set him free. Tumuhiirwe, on the other hand, is now confined to a wheelchair and has to eat from a tube.
Erick Kamanzi made sure that Jolly Tumuhiirwe would never be able to hurt another child again, and it’s hard to fault him for that. They say that a man should never hit a woman, but a child should never know what’s it’s like to be victimized this way, either. These extenuating circumstances definitely called for Kamanzi to step in and put Tumuhiirwe in her place. Any parent can relate to the way that he was seeing red as soon as he viewed the tape of his child being abused.

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