Kathy Griffin Screams ‘Cops Are Racist,’ Police Officer Makes Her Regret It

Police Officer DeWayne LeDoux (left), Kathy Griffin (right) (Photo Credit: Fox News/Twitter, Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)
Kathy Griffin, the “D-list” celebrity who was fired from CNN after posting a salacious picture holding President Donald Trump’s severed head, is again making headlines. This time, Griffin is targeting police officers, screaming, “White America has to face the harsh reality that cops are largely racist.” She also claimed cops are Nazis and protect white supremacists, and that’s when Griffin got hammered by one cop who made her regret it. You’ll love this.
Kathy Griffin proved once again that she is a low life and a radical leftist. The unhinged comedian lashed out at the members of the Portland, Oregon, police force who were doing a dangerous job of quelling violent Antifa thugs. It all started when a pro-Trump group called “Patriot Prayer” staged a rally and the Antifa nutjobs immediately mobilized to “break up the rally.”
Of course, leftists like Griffin believe any group that is pro-Trump is also a sinister “alt-right white nationalist” organization. That’s because of the mainstream media, who report these sick lies. Regardless, Griffin decided that since the Portland police denounced Antifa as the aggressors, well that makes them Nazi racists.

Griffin posted her vulgar tirade against the police on Twitter, expanding her attack to call the majority of the nation’s police “racist,” posting, “Oh, f*ck off! Police in Portland, of all cities, siding with & protecting nazis ‘proud boys’ and ‘prayer…’ some shit. White America has to face the harsh reality that cops are largely racist. Yeah, I said it. The cops are fighting the actual Portlanders and calling them ‘antifa.’”

Look, it’s a fact that Antifa uses violence and fear tactics, wearing black masks, to do their dirty work. That’s not up for discussion. And, like all rabid leftists, Griffin lives in an alternate reality, making up what’s true and what is not. Then, she lashes out and makes it a blanket statement about police officers across the country.
When the leftwing Antifa counter-protesters refused to obey police orders to back off, the liberal counter-protesters surrounded the police and began attacking them with chemical weapons and projectiles, injuring a reporter in the process, The Oregonian reports.

Every day, police officers get up and go to work, praying they come home. They risk their lives and fight against evil, and it’s not for the big bucks. If you or I ever need a cop, we take for granted that they take an oath to protect our lives even if it means they are harmed.

Kathy Griffin doesn’t deserve police protection if she calls 911, but we all know that those police officers will be there. One Massachusetts police officer’s last day on the job is something Kathy Griffin needs to watch. Officer DeWayne LeDoux made his radio call for the final time after protecting and serving his community for 32 years.
“It’s time to go home. It’s time to go home,” said Officer LeDoux, holding back a flood of emotions. Then, the responding voice came over the radio, his son Nate LeDoux, who had flown across the country to give his dad permission to sign off for the last time. Fox News shared the emotional police call:

But, I also took umbrage with Ms. Griffin. Since she lives in Los Angeles County, which is largely patrolled by the LA County Sheriff’s Department, it may be my son, Deputy Joseph Blair, who comes to her aid. My son just graduated from the academy, following in the footsteps of his father, who was killed in the line of duty, and I didn’t mince words with the Hollywood celebrity.

I tweeted to Kathy Griffin, “HEY CARROT TOP: Tell that to my Hispanic son, Deputy Joseph Blair who just followed in his father’s footsteps, who was killed in the line of duty for idiots like you by a gang member!” It included a video that left Griffin speechless.
Kathy Griffin is just another leftist who is brainwashed by the mainstream media. She thinks she is being edgy by trashing our nation’s police officers. Yet, I know my son would respond to her call for help and put his life on the line if need be. It’s his sworn duty, and no police officer takes that lightly. That’s what makes them far better people than Kathy Griffin.

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